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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More Essence... !!

The last time I went to the health store I litteraly spent 15 minutes in front of the Essence's stand...!

The saleswoman was looking at me already, maybe checking if I was trying to shoplift or something ;)

But I just couldn't go away... they have the most amazing things! And when you look at the prices your reaction is not Oh-my-heart-just-stopped-maybe-this-is-what-a-stroke-feels-like, like it happens when you check the price tag on some beauty products...their prices are not so expensive.

Well of course sometimes they have smaller products but even so, its less expensive and that is gooood :)

This time I left the store with 2 products: Multi Action Mascara (a best-seller) and an Eyeliner Pen (from the Sun Club Collection)

Here they are:

It cost me 2,79 €...! can you believe actually having a good quality mascara for under 3 € ?!
Well that's just insane I guess...

Its supposed to give volume, lenght and vitality to your eyelashes...or so it says in the description.

As you can see in the photo, the brush is not small and that got me wondering... I'm always hearing that small brushes are the best because they define each lash individualy, blah, blah... anyway, I tried it and it's actually very nice!

I was blessed with some long dark lashes but let me tell you that with the lenght and volume it added I almost felt like using fake lashes!

The only bad thing: I felt like it left a little too much product on the lashes... danger of getting those panda-eyes... but other than that is definitely a winner!

On to the EyeLiner Pen:

This was a first time for me. Never tried an eyeliner pen before in my life.

It was quite the experience. Felt like drawing on myself with markers :D

It cost me 2,99 €, actually more expensive that the mascara and only has a tiny amount of product. Not good! (within my essence's standards, of course)

I like the way it feels in the skin and the color is dark enough.

Easy to use and caused no irritation.

For something that says "100% splash proof" I would expect it not to come off so easily.

Overall it's quite good but I'm still deciding if it's something that I would buy again.

Have a Sunny Day!!


  1. I really liked your blog. Very good!

  2. never tried an Essence eyeliner pen but I love the product itself,it's so easy to apply :)
    I have the False Lashes Effect version of that mascara,it's not the best product ever but I like it!

  3. @Aninhaaa

    I'm really glad that you like it, and thanks for telling me =)

  4. @sabrys:

    I love the eyeliner pen! Just the concept in itself is fun and easy! I just think that it comes off real easy but then who wants eyeliner that is a pain to remove?!

    On the mascara: never tried the False Lashes effect one but I'm sure it must be good.
    I feel great having a good quality mascara for so little money! If you want to wear make up on a daily basis that's a dream come true =)

  5. you look stunnning on the profile picture!! If thats you :) Hugs

  6. @Smokin:

    Oh that's not me (I wish), it's a model but her face and make up captured so well the fresh look of beauty that I posted it here =)

    I'll be posting my own picture soon so avoid confusion

  7. I love this eyeliner pen! I like very much the tip, it allows me to draw very thin lines. I haven't tried this mascara, my 2 favourite mascaras from Essence are "stays on and on and on!" and "maximum definition volume mascara".