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Friday, 4 March 2011

Essence's mousse foundation

I have heard so much about Essence's products...  "they are so good and they are so cheap"
that I decided to try them myself.

Well, not all of them, of course, they are less expensive than other brands, sure, but money doesn't grow in trees yet, well at least not in the trees I know...

The first thing I decided to try was essence's mousse foundation (Soft Touch Mousse Make Up)

And here it is!

 I have purchased it in the 01 Matt Sand shade for 3,99€... wich is an excelent price considering that a similar product (mousse foundation, similar size) in other brands would cost me 10-12€ (the less expensive ones).

 In my opinion, the mousse texture is its best feature. It feels really light in the skin, like you were not using it and yet it gives a good coverage without using too much product.

I have only used it once or twice but it's already a favourite!

Great texture, good coverage, not expensive - I'll keep using it and recommend it =)

Have a sunny day!

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  1. I have it and I love it too! And we are the same colour lol! It's so similar to Maybelline mousse makeup but so affordable! I love Essence! Check out my blog if you want :)