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Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Night Skin Routine

Hi everyone =)

Something that I have been doing for a while now and recentely had confirmation from a dermatology authority is that in order to achieve beautiful healthy skin (especially if you have break outs) the most important thing to do is to keep it clean!

I had a recent major break out because of stress and my face is a mess. Also my skin is acne-prone (although I almost didn't have acne as a teenager).

So in my cleansing routine I have been using these wee guys:

1. First, if I have make up on (yes, sometimes I go out without make up on...brave me!), I remove it from my eyes with Nivea Eye Make Up Remover in a cotton pad. It's important to be really gentle and don't hurt the delicate eye area.

2. Then I wet my face with tepid water and use Eucerin's Dermopurifyer Cleanser, to remove all the make up and dirt from the day. This is a translucent cleanser and doesn't make foam which is great because foamy products are not good for your skin. After using this cleanser my face feels so fresh and clean!

3. After this I gently pat my face dry and apply Eucerin's Dermopurifyer Cream-Gel to hydrate and treat blemishes. I personally dislaked the smell of it (it's like a therapeutic smell) but now I'm used to it. The truth is that blemishes have been reduced.

4. Before going to bed I moisturize my hands with this amazing cream with dreaming scent: Nativa SPA: Altéia+Minerais from O Boticário. It's amazing! I can't praise this enough.
5. And because my lips have very delicate skin and sometimes become chapped, I apply ELF's Therapeutic Lip Balm in Vanilla Creme before going to bed. I'm really happy with this Lip Balm, it's a little too soft but it's the one that better treats my chapped lips (they're all better the next morning!). I love it.
* Once a week I use Avène's Gentle Purifying Scrub to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
ps. I'm on a quest to find a good quality-good price eye cream, any suggestions?

Have a Sunny day!!