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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sigma's Travel Size E25 Blending Brush

My  Sigma's Travel Size E25 Blending Brush is finally here!!

It's sooo cute.!!.. I could not resist and made a tiny photoshoot =)

It's the perfect size for me to carry it around in my bag for touch ups during the day or even for a day-to-night make up transformation. Really practical!

It blends really well and its sooo soft =)


The quality is really good.  Full-sized Brush quality.  A new favourite!

And you know what else is Fab? You can get this cutie by just ordering $30 or more from Sigma.

It arrives as a free gift with your order. Cool, right? =)

Well, I'm the proud owner of this one and totally recommend it =)

Then check out my giveaway, ending 1st May!! =)

Have a sunny day!! 

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  1. It looks so nice! And I've read so many good reviews about it I want it now!! :D