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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunday, 28 April 2013

I love to laugh

Flash post just to share this. I laughed so much! =)

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to prepare for a Job Interview

Hi Ladies,

I have shared with you all that I am currently on the market for a new job and that other than stressing myself because of it, I'm going to use this time to grow as a person and emerge as a better version, Me 2.0 ;)

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Understanding that we are all immersed in a global economic and social crisis, getting a job is more and more a difficult task, so I thought using a few tips to improve my job interview skills was a good idea.

After some information gathering, these are the points that seem more important:

- Always arrive on time: If you don't value the opportunity enough to arrive on time then you are not good for the company

- Dress apropriately: During your studying of the company, investigate the type of dress code they have, is it office dress code? Casual? According to what you can find out, you should dress aproximately to the same level as your interviewer, just perhaps a little dressier. It will show off as putting effort and that's good.
Don't fall into using too much of anything: too much color, too much perfume (the interviewer can be allergic), too much jewlery (sometimes none is better than too much), too high heels...DON'T show cleavage, legs or any innapropriate skin, stay classy and professional. Otherwise you can stay in their memory but not for the right reasons.

- Relax: Take deep breaths and feel yourself relax. To do this for 6 to 7 times will actually release endorphins that will give you a sense of well-being and calmness.

- Be Confident: You know your value, you are a great worker and any company would be lucky to have you. Believe in you and they will too.

- Provide a good resume and know your resume: Your resume is the first contact that the company has with you, so you should put toghether a resume that is true (never lie on your resume! Saying you can do something you can't is a risk and can make you look bad) but organized in a way that enhances the qualities and experience that will make the company you are applying for see you as good candidate.

- Study the company and Job description: Knowing exactely what position you would occupy and being updated on the company you're interviewing for it will help you to ask pertinent questions. Doing so will show your interviewer that you have a genuine interest on the company.

- Make eye contact: Eye contact is one of the stringest forms of non verbal communication.Making direct eye contact (in a non creepy way!) shows confidence and high self esteem, key qualities that employers look for in candidates. Believe me, even in a small office, it will be better if you make eye contact instead of keeping your eyes on the desk the whole time.

- Body language: Your body language is something that can giveaway of you're feeling insecure, not at ease, nervous... Try to have good posture and show an open language, trying not to cross your arms or legs. We sometimes do this subconsiously to defend ourselves and kind of close up.

- Prepare for the interview: Bring with you extra copies of your resume, directions to the place where you're meeting, some water, a pen and a notepad.

- Be yourself: Being genuine and sincere will be appreciated.

- Make a good first impression: The first 7 seconds of an interview are crucial and it's true that you can't get a second opportunity to make a good first impression.

Well, these tips certainly did help me and hope they can help someone else =)

Have a sunny day!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring Colors!

Hi Ladies!

I was looking through POLYVORE (my newest wardrobe-coordinating-outfit-inspiration obsession!) and stumbled upon this amazing composition.

My heart stopped and my mind whispered ...This is spring...!

So, thanks to mandee81 for posting! You can check HER POLYVORE here and MY POLYVORE here.

Have a sunny day =)

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