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Friday, 11 March 2011

H&M eyeshadow!

I must confess that learning that H&M had a cosmetics line made my day!

Well not exactly this day as I already knew it for a little while, but anyway, the day I was confronted with the reality of such a nice and less expensive line of cosmetics.... yay! What a sunny day! And believe me, it was February and raining like there would be no tomorrow!

Anyway, here is my first purchase:

I bought it for something like 4,95€ with the purpose of doing a somkey eye or something like that for an occasionally more dramatic look and I'm quite satisfied =)

All of the shadows have a little shimmer (except the black) and the pigmentation is fine although in my skin I find little difference between the two grey shades.

Also the black shadow could be a little darker in my opinion.

But other than this little things, is a great product!

Have a sunny day!

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